Free Entrance in Tokyo!

 In Tokyo, we have a Tokyo Metropolitan Day on the 1st of October. Many parks, museums are FREE on that day. Here is the list, some of their website without English, if you want to go one of them, and you cannot read in Japanese, please ask at our reception. 1. Hama-rikyu Gardens(浜離宮恩賜庭園) 2. Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens(旧芝離宮恩賜庭園) 3. Koishikawa … Continue reading Free Entrance in Tokyo!


Guests of YADOYA Guesthouse  やどやゲストハウスのお客さん!

Photos of our guest!Thank you for staying with us at YADOYA Guesthouse for backpackers.We hope you enjoyed staying Tokyo with us.We would like to support budget traveler who want to have special experience here in Nakano, Tokyo. Please ask us if you have any question.やどやゲストハウスのお客さんの写真です!ご滞在ありがとうございます!東京・中野の安宿「やどやゲストハウス」は、出来るだけ安い滞在費で、楽しい旅をしていただきたい、というコンセプトで運営しております。最小限の設備ですが、情報の提供などのお手伝いは出来るだけさせていただいておりますので、ぜひ、スタッフにお声掛けください!They went to Mt.Fuji!Lots of people went to Mt. Fuji this … Continue reading Guests of YADOYA Guesthouse  やどやゲストハウスのお客さん!