First time to play Pachinko!

Pachinko is a mechanical game originating in Japan. If you have been to Japan once or read from guidebooks or somewhere, you probably surprised that Japan has Pachinko everywhere!My friend visited me last week, we went to shopping in the day time. After dinner, she asked me about how to play Pachinko... She doesn't speak … Continue reading First time to play Pachinko!


hello. i'm yu

 Hi,my name is yu ono.please call me yu.I live in  fuchu tokyo.I major in philosophy in universityI'm not good at english ,but i want to improve my english.So please teach me english  lol小野優といいます。優って呼んでください。東京の府中市に住んでいます。大学に通っています。英語は得意ではありませんが、話せるようになりたいです。英語教えてください(笑)yuYADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers Tokyo:*Dorm bed only 2200yen/night, Private 3,500yen~, cheapest hostel in west Tokyo, Nakano.ドミトリー2200円、個室3,500円~、東京・中野の安宿・バックパッカー!YADOYA Guesthouse Tokyo for long stay:*Dorm bed only 40,000yen/month(including utilities), … Continue reading hello. i'm yu

One coin dinner Event 11/6*YAKITORI PARTY

 We have one coin dinner event every Tuesday! And for this coming Tuesday is ↓ *YAKITORI PARTY* This week, we are going to have Japanese chicken kebab again! we had yakitori party  several times before! 3/13* Japanese chicken kebab night 焼き鳥パーティー 6/5*Yakitori Party!One coin dinner Event 7/31*Yakitori Party!Date: November 6th. 2012  11月06日(火)Dinner Time: 18:30 ~ 22:00(Open House … Continue reading One coin dinner Event 11/6*YAKITORI PARTY