Week in Kochi

   I recently took a trip to Kochi in Shikoku to visit my grandparents I hadn`t seen in over a decade. After living in Tokyo for a month the change of pace was pretty jarring,  but it was a good opportunity to see a different perspecitve of Japan. Kochi is a much quieter place and … Continue reading Week in Kochi


Odd ongoings for free around Tokyo

A hotspring for your feet in Kodaira Groundwater is being diverted up to the surface through a deep well, it is then heated by the excess heat from the nearby wasteplant resulting in a small hotspring.  For map and detailed information: http://www.timeout.jp/en/tokyo/venue/23390 Location: Higashiyamato-shi Station Boatride on the Yokojikken River Once every week volunteers bring out … Continue reading Odd ongoings for free around Tokyo